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has more than 70 employees, which proves that we are a strong company in the local market, with a tendency for further action and foreign markets.


Sloga - Prom deals with frozen goods such as chicken, chicken quarters, chicken breast, frozen fish, chicken livers, frozen beef, frozen pork ...


Quality products Guaranteed and audited food-chain safety Allowing customers and suppliers to fulfil their requirements Prompt delivery team Tracking Technology Continuous development


Synonym for your first choice of the family dinner table. We are growing and developing in line with the new trends and that so to remain faithful to tradition...


  • Frozen fries

    As one of the world`s most productive countries when it comes to potato farming, Belguim has a fertile…

  • Frozen sea fish

    Fish and its meat are daily commodity when it comes to Japanese.

  • Pork

    Pork meat is one of the most popular types of meat, considered as a nourishing product because of…

  • Тurkey

    Turkey meat is an excellent supplement in our daily diet and as such it is, is used as…

  • Beef

    It dates back from prehistoric times in Egypt and was it used as a sacred meat in certain…

  • Chicken

    The chicken meat is one of the largest and disseminated meats that belongs to the type of food…

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The best on your table

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