Frozen fries

As one of the world`s most productive countries when it comes to potato farming, Belguim has a fertile clay-loam soil and is blessed with ideal weather conditions.

Planted in April-May, the early potatoes (Premiere, Anosta, Amora, Felsina...) are harvested in July, whereas the conservation potatoes (Bitnje, Asterix, Agria, Victoria, Fontane, Ramos, Innovator …) are harvested late September, early October. Once they are calibrated and sorted, the potatoes are washed and steam-peeled, checked by an optical laser and cut into fries.

These are then blanched inspected for a second time with an electronic softer and dried to limit fat absorption and improve the crispiness.

The fries are then pre-fried for 1 minute to 90 seconds in vegetable oil at a temperature of 160 to 170C. Finally they are defatted. A third and last check takes place right before the freezing process. Every packaging line can pack bags from 400 g up to 5 kg.


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