Frozen fries

As one of the world`s most productive countries when it comes to potato farming, Belguim has a fertile clay-loam soil and is blessed with ideal weather conditions.

Frozen sea fish

Fish and its meat are daily commodity when it comes to Japanese.


Pork meat is one of the most popular types of meat, considered as a nourishing product because of its nutrients.





Sloga Prom has developed an extensive distribution network through Republic of Macedonia. Due to the great interest and with aim for quick and timely gratification for the needs of our regular customers, our commercial sector take care for every part in our country.

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Contact for commerce:

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Свинско месо

Своевидно едно од најпопуларните типови на месо , свинското претставува неопходен продукт поради неговите хрансливи материи.