Frozen fries Spicy Wedges

Помфрит Селски - Пикантен
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Помфрит Селски - Пикантен
Помфрит Селски - Пикантен


French fries in the modern world of living become one of the essential food in each meal. There are many types of

french fries and potato specialties that are prepared in defferent ways. Our offer includes typical frozen fries

that are used in fast food, french fries with different flavors: onion, bacon, cheese, vegetalbes, french fries with

various spices and forms so to satisfy the needs of our customers.


  • production: Lutosa
  • contry of origin: EU
  • package weight: 10 kg
  • type of packing: transparent plastic bag
  • weight of the individual packing: 2.5 kg
  • packages of individual packing: 4
  • ingrediants: potato
  • frozen product: yes
  • thermally processed: yes
  • standardization: HACCP




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